Digital Baby-Shower Invitations 

Invitations can be made with digital programs like Photoshop and Paintshop pro. While both these programs are pretty full on, with a little bit of practice you can be making fabulous invitations of your own.  These invitations showcased here show you the different kinds of unique baby shower invitations that you can make yourself.

babyshower invitations
Virtual Room Invitation

babyshower invitations 2
Blue invitation



Baby carriage invitation

digital babyshower invitations

I made both this invitation- and used psp9 program ( paint shop pro 9 )- you can find this program at your local office supply store, and will run you approx. $100.00US.

The virtual room, did take almost 5 hours to make- but this was my very first from scratch virtual room.

I think I got the papers off a website called shabby princess- not sure if
they would still have them, but can use any type of digi-scrap paper you
would like.

So I open up the paper I like, then start designing it like a bedroom - I
look for tubes a lot, and was in a share group off yahoo, and you can look
for free stuff/art on but most of the tubes these came
from were from the yahoo group- so, basically when I find all the things that I want for the virtual bedroom, I start decorating it- every piece on here is a layer

The floor: I just looked up hard wood floors on the internet, and cropped what I needed-
The pink baseboard: - just a new layer, and cropped and pasted, added a
drop shadow to it.
The rug: Made out of another patterned paper that came with the wall paper as a set- I took my selection tool to the paper at rounded rectangle-then copied and pasted
to the floor- added a white drop-shadow to it.
The rest: Are just tubes, and I found the picture frame by just browsing

Printing: When I am done I merge all layers and flatten them - I can resize the final image to the size that I want. You can print the invites at your local print store, and you can ask them for the proper sized envelopes.

Jen Brown

Blue Baby Shower Invite

blue babyshower invitations
I created this invitation for my sister's baby shower and got them printed 4x6 on to photo paper. The pregnant lady is a stamp that I scanned to use as a digital element. All other digital elements are from DEsigner Digitals. The fonts I used are Susie's Hand and Gill Sans.

Mary Rogers
Upper Michigan