How to make Bridal Invitations

It is not difficult to make impressive Bridal shower invitations, with a bit of time and know how you can create beautiful DIY invitations that reflect your own style.

Bridal shower invite ideas

Kitchen tea

Since a kitchen tea party generally involves the guests bringing household or kitchen gifts for the soon to be wed bride and groom, it is a good idea to plan your invitations with that in mind.

Bridal shower invitation wording

We have a small selection of original and free bridal shower invitation verses to add a bit of fun to your invites.
See also our newly added bridal shower invitation wording examples for invites thrown by the bridesmaids, friends and family members.

Bridal shower invite samples

Check out some of these fun and carefree Kitchen Tea or Bridal Shower Invitations that have been hand made and submitted to our gallery by readers just like yourself who thought to save a buck or let their personality shine through their invite design. They are sure to inspire you when making your own party invites.

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Free Printable Bridal Shower Invitations
Free Printable Bridal Shower Invitations

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Unique Bridal Shower Invitation

bridal shower invitation ideas
Simple Bridal Shower Ideas

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Wedding Shower Invitations

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Spa Party Invitations

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Bachelorette Invitations

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Custom Invitation Samples

Flip Flop Invitations for Bridal Showers
Flip Flop Invitations

Lingerie Shower Invitations
Lingerie Shower Invitations

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Stamped Bridal Invites

Ring charm invitations

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