Custom Bridal Shower Invitation Samples

These are some Bridal shower and bachelorette invitation samples that I have made for friends and a few paying customers. Heaps of fun to make (although they can take forever!) and soooo original.  They are a cartoon type invitations where I have taken a photo of the bride to be and drawn it on to the body of a bride in a wedding dress. The end result is a fun, unique invitation to help celebrate a fun event.

Printing the Invitations

Printing the invitations is easy, I email the end product and I usually suggest that they should be printed onto card stock or photo paper (at the photo shop) and then mounted onto cardstock to add a bit of stiffness or they can organise for printing by some other means like kinkos.

Custom made for you

You can order one of these designs as a "print it yourself" invitation.

Click on the invitation to see more details.

Bridal Shower Invitation Samples 1

bridal shower invitation samples 2



bridal shower sample invitations head shot.Amy's Bridal Design

This is my Amy design, I just named it right now after the person whose head I used for the very first mock up. This one was my very first design and is still my my favorite. I think it looks great! I love the colors of the wall and carpet looks so plush... And the picture so looks like her. Order this design



Bridal Shower Invitation Samples 1


Tashy Design

This is my Tashy design. I played with the background colors and came up with this color combo (using the pantone report) I'm a big fan of greens.  Maybe I might put a pattern background to it. hmmm

bridal shower invitation sample


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