Bridal Shower Invitation Wording

Find the perfect invitation wording for your bridal shower invitations or kitchen tea all in the one place.

See also our selection of bridal invitation verses for a bit of fun as well.

Tips for your invitation wording

Be sure to include the following if applicable.

Double check your final draft to ensure you have all the relevant information. You do not want to send out your invitations with out a date or missing the venue information.

Sample One

Join us for a bridal shower honoring

Martha Jean

On June fifteenth at twelve o'clock
The Tea Room
7 E Broughton St
Savannah, Georgia

Shower given by
Julie and Joann

RSVP by June first

Sample Two

A Bridal Shower honoring

Cheryl Simpson

Saturday, July 10th, 2010
12pm til 3pm
at the home of Darleen Smith
126 Rainstow Lane
Pennant Hills

Our bride is registered at Macy's

RSVP by july 1st


Sample Three

You are invited to a Bridal shower
in honor of our bride to be

Raeleen Stewart

On Sunday, eleveth of April at two o'clock

Given by her bridesmaids
Sue, Lisa, Anikka & Anna

Raeleen is registered at Macy's

RSVP 345.245.9328
by April third

Sample Four

The bridesmaids of

Martha Smith

invite you to join them
in showering the bride to be

Sunday 21st of Feruary at 2pm
1234 Wrighton Way, Greystone

Hosted by
Julie, Susannah and Keelie

Bridal Registry: Crate and Barrell

rsvp: By Feb 14th to 012 125 1456