Bridal Shower Invitation Verses

Add a verse to your hand made invitations.  Write your own poems or borrow one of ours. Be sure to check out the bridal shower invitation wording section for further stationary wording examples and inspiration.  If you still need some ideas for making your invites then browse through the bridal invitations to find one you like. There are tutorials and other 'how to' tips, ideas and resources free for diy brides to use.  Good luck with the wedding.


1 boy, 1 girl, 1 ring, 1 question
All adds up to a Bridal Shower


He offered her honor,
She honored his offer
So now we're all on
For a bridal shower


Roses are red and violets are blue
We're throwing a shower for you know who


Jane is on her way to the alter
with the man of her dreams
lets shower her with gifts and love


Glowing with love
As sweet as a flower
Join us for Amanda's
Bridal Shower

A sunny future begins with a shower


Out look for June
A beautiful wedding is the forecast
Preceded by a Shower


Come and help us shower,
the glowing bride to be
With gifts, advice and lot's of love,
served with afternoon tea

who's glowing with love and happy with glee


The wedding day is drawing near


A wedding celebration is on it's way
Let's prepare her for her big day


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