Wedding Invitation Wording Examples


These are a few samples of what you might write on a wedding invitation. There is something called Wedding Invitation Etiquette that applies more to super formal wedding invitations, I don't know much about it except I remember reading that if your wedding ceremony is going take place in a church or similar then you write "request the honour of your presence" otherwise you write "request the pleasure of your company" and writing the dates out in full.

I hardly think that if you're on a creative journey to making your own invitations, you should worry to much about etiquette. I like to aim for making sure the dates are correct, it makes sense and there are no spelling easy task. But if this sort of thing matters to you then you may want to Google a few sites about 'Wedding Invitation Etiquette'

Semi formal

Together with their families
Harry Steven Jones
Martha Andrea Stewart
Invite you to share in their Wedding Celebration
on Saturday, the 15th of December
Two Thousand and Seven
at 4:00 o'clock in the afternoon
Edgewater Resort
1234 Sesame Street
City, State
dinner and dancing to follow


Megan and David's - casual

She asked him, he said yes

You are invited to the wedding of
Harry Jones
Martha Stewart
Saturday May 31
Cocktails 7pm
Ceremony 6pm

The Restuarant

Light snacks and heavy dancing
Cocktail attire
Valet parking

please rsvp by May 10

Holly and Ryan's rhyming invite - casual

Harry and Martha
Would like you to come and enjoy
Our cakes, our truffles, our chocolate and fruits
sugar rush, candy, striped dresses and suits
whimsical love on the 7th of june
its coming real fast, its coming real soon

Please come and join us June 7th at 1PM

First Congregational
1234 Sesame Street
City, State

Loren and Katerie - semi formal

It is with joy that we
Harry Steven Jones
Martha Andrea Stewart
invite you to share in a celebration of love as we exchange our marriage vows
on Saturday the fourteenth of July
two thousand and six
at two o'clock
Belvedere Park
1243 Sesame Street
City, State

at five o'clock
The Restuarant
2365 Sesame Street
City, State, ZIP
reply card enclosed

Parents of the Bride extending the invitation

John and Barbara
request the pleasure of your company
at the marriage of their daughter
Martha Andrea Stewart
Harry Steven Jones
son of
Jerry and Sally Smith
Saturday the 24th of September 2005
at 7.00 in the evening
Prospect Park Picnic House
1234 Sesame Street
City, State

Cocktails and hors d'oeuvres will follow the ceremony
Cocktail Attire


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