Make your own Wedding Invitation Cards

Do you want to make your own wedding invitation cards? The kind of invitations that truly make a statement? Of course you do. Why else would you have found this site.

Why make your own

I'm sure I don't even need to sell you on the virtues of making your own invitations. You get exactly what you want,  you get to have some fun making them but the kicker for most diy brides is that it's a whole lot cheaper making them yourself than it is to purchase them custom made. That is to say, if you don't factor in the time it will take you to complete the task, because they can take up a lot of your time, especially the design process. I know it takes me forever to decide even the simplest wedding invitation design, I can't help but change my mind every 5 minutes. But once you have settled on your design the job is 60% done. The gluing and folding and printing part can be over in a snap if you play your cards right,  I'm sure your bridesmaids must be itching to get started on their "wedding tasks" Get them over to your place along with your mom and sisters for a girls night in. As they say many hands make light work.

For me, I couldn't imagine buying my invitations because I'm the crafty type that simply has to make my own. I couldn't have it any other way.

Making Wedding invitations Ideas

DIY Wedding invitation wording and poetry

Creating your invitation is only half the job. Inviting your guests in a manner that befits the occasion is another. Whether it is an informal or formal affair you will be sure to find wedding invitation wording examples to use with your invites or you will at least find something to fire your imagination and get your own creative writing juices flowing.

We also have a range of Wedding Invitation Quotes and a few lovely verses and sayings.

We find this website has a more extensive range of Love poems and quotes and wedding information to use on your wedding invitations and stationary.

More wedding stationary

If you're planning you're wedding you will know that the invitations are just a small part of the stationary that you will need, there's the STDs, thank you cards and any number of inserts for your invites.

So if you need ideas for hand made wedding rehearsal dinner invitations, we have those as well.

Be sure to check out our Save the Date cards section and Thank you cards for more fantastic invitation making ideas.

Wedding invitation samples and tutorials

Browse through our samples and "How To' invitation tutorials. Click on the Wedding Category below for more pictures and details to show you how to create that invitation. If you have a DIY Wedding invitation that you would like to share please let me know and we will feature it.

beach wedding invitation
Beach Wedding Invitations

homemade wedding invitations
Homemade wedding invitations

damask design invitation
Damask Wedding Invitation Design

wedding invitation design
Unique Wedding Invitation Design

modern wedding invitations
Modern Wedding Invitations

japanese wedding invitaiton
Japanese Wedding Invitations

winter wedding invitations
Winter Wedding Invitations

custom wedding invitation
Gold Wedding Invitations

black wedding invitations
Black wedding invitations

fall wedding invitations
Fall Wedding Invitations

tropical wedding invitations
Tropical Wedding Invitations

pocket wedding invitations
Pocket Wedding Invitations

Pressed flowers invitations.
Pressed Flower Invitations

Elegant Wedding Invitations
Elegant Wedding Invitations

photo wedding invitation
Photo Wedding Invitations

envelope invitation
Self Contained Envelope Invitations

How to make pocket fold wedding invitations

ribbon wedding invitations.
home made wedding invitations with ribbon

homemade Pocket Fold Wedding Invitations

stampin up wedding invitations.
Stampin Up Wedding Invitations

Christmas Wedding Invitation Ideas

Wedding invitations in a bottle
Wedding invitations in a bottle

Tie the knot wedding invitations
Tie the knot wedding invitations

Fabric Invitations
Fabric invitations

Wedding Invitation Examples of Wax Seals

Wax Seal Wedding Invitation example

Making wedding invitations with rubber stamped flowers
Making wedding invitations with rubber stamped flowers

Retro Wedding Invitations

Retro Wedding Invitations

film invitations
film wedding invitation
Make Scrapbook Wedding Invitations

Scrapbook Wedding Invitations

sewn wedding invitations
Sewn Wedding Invitations
Simple Wedding Invitations

Simple Wedding Invitations

Ticket wedding invites

Ticket wedding invites

beach shell wedding invitations
Shell Wedding invitations
  starfish wedding invitations

Starfish Invitations

tree wedding invitation

Tree wedding invitations



Submit your invitations

If you have made your own wedding invitations and would like to share your labor of love with our readers then please let me know via the contact form. We would love to showcase your special cards.


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