Photo Wedding Invitation

photo wedding invitationAdding a photo is a great way to personalize your wedding invitations. You can get some pictures of you and your partner as a couple taken either by a professional or in my case someone who is handy with a camera. Finding pictures of the bride and groom as as small children is also a good technique to employ when making invitations. With digital cameras it has become a whole lot easier and popular to incorporate photographs into wedding invitations.

Software Programs like Photoshop and Illustrator are hand for working with photos, they are a little pricey though. Take a look around the internet for free photo editing software.

Digital Wedding Invitations

The wedding invitations were 5"x7" and the reply cards were about 31/2" x 5".  I made the reply cards just like a postcard so that the guests could just fill them out and drop it back in the mail.

I used Photoshop Elements to create the invitations. I can't remember all of the products that I used but I know there were some Rhonna Farrer and Jessical Sprague digital items involved. The photos were scanned in and then resized to fit.

Beth Costello
Columbia, Missouri

Photo Wedding Invitation


photo wedding reply card.
Postcard Reply card

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