Homemade Lego Birthday Invitations

Homemade Lego invitationsMake your own Lego birthday inviations for your little boy or girl. Lego toys have been around forever, my daughter cannot believe that I also used to play with lego when I was a child (oh so many years ago) Much to my surprise Lego is just as much a favored toy as it ever was and lego parties are in the top 20 party themes for kids.

Being such a versatile toy we found it pretty easy to think of ways to incorporate the little blocks into our DIY invitations.

Take a look at some ideas and tutorials for making your own invitations as well as a free printable invitation that you can print for your party celebration.


How to make a simple lego brick invitation

This invitation is perfect for the child who loves Lego so much you find you have a million pieces in the toy box. all you need is a permanent marker and you are all set to go.

homemade lego invitations
Lego invitation


Making the invitation

  1. Simply assemble pieces of Lego together to form a wall. It can be symmetrical or assymetrical in shape as with our example.
  2. Take your permanent marker pen and write your party details on to one side of the wall. You will need to include the occasion, party date, time and rsvp details if applicable.
  3. Slip the lego invites into separate bags to be ready to deliver to your guests. You can use any type of bag you wish - we like the clear cellophane bags used for candy or the greeting card bags found in the card-making area of your craft store.

Optional bag topper

More Lego party invitation ideas

Lego Fonts

There are a few imitation lego fonts that we like to use for our invitations. They are free to use for your personal use and can be downloaded for free on the internet.

Other Lego Resources

Lego invitation clipart

We've created a little bit of lego clip art that you can use on your party invitations. It's a simple banner in the theme of the lego logo that reads "You're invited to a lego party". Just right click and save it to your computer and insert into a word document or whatever program you are making your invitations with.

lego clipart
Lego party banner

Free Printable Lego Party Invitation

We got out a little lego man, took a photo and made up these cute lego themed invitations. We even made a perfect color match thanks to a Lego color chart that we found online here

printable lego invitation
Printable lego invitation template

Simply print out the PDF download (you will need adobe reader to view this file) and fill in your party details - who the party is for, when and where the party is and the rsvp details.


Download your printable lego birthday invitations

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Lego party wording

Different Lego wording that you might choose to utilise on you DIY invites