Concert Ticket Wedding Invitations

Now you have to love these wedding invitations that were based on concert tickets. Hand made my Jeannie Wolke. To find out how she made her invitations we asked Janie to share her invite making experience with us.

Ticket wedding invitations
Ticket wedding invitations made with Excel

Why ticket styled invitations

We wanted invitations that went with our "Love, Happiness, Music, Marriage" theme and couldn't find anything that fit.

So I used a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet to make these ticket invitations. It took me a bit of trial and error before I got it right. I had to resize a lot of the cells and play around with the fonts to make it print properly. But as you can see, they came out great! All you really need is a little basic know-how of Microsof Excel (resizing cells/rows/columns) and you can create this kind of invite and many more.

What kind of paper/card did you use to print your invites?

We used 67 lb. bright white cardstock

Approx how much would you say they cost you to make?

Between ink and paper, roughly $60. I found a discount ink website and purchased remanufactured cartridges for under $10 ea.  A friend of my sister works at a print shop and cut and perforated them for free as a wedding gift. You could probably purchase a paper cutter/perforator at a craft store for under $20.

vip invitation cardAny hiccups in the making of your invites?

Formatting in Excel can be tricky if you don't have a lot of experience with it. A lot of patience and a little know how can take you a long way. Make sure you adjust your printer settings for the type of paper you are going to use. Printing with standard paper settings will give you bland colors on heavier stock papers. Always print a proof before you use the good paper to be sure the formatting is correct.

What did your guests have to say about your invites?

Our guests thought that they were very unique and commented that they had never seen anything like them before. Many commented on our originality on not sending out "standard" invitations. My boss told me that she would have been shocked if I had sent out "standard" invitations.

Don't be afraid to step out of the box. It's your event after all. Do what you want and not what everyone else thinks you should do. One of my favorite mottos is "Normal is boring"

Jeannie Wolke

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