How to make Ticket Invitations

If you're planning an informal event like a birthday party or perhaps a wedding and the guest/s of honor are the sporty type then you should consider a ticket style invitation.

These types of invitations are best created on your computer with a Word Processing program (MS Word) or a graphics program (Photoshop elements, Paint, Gimp etc) Then you can simply print them out and send them off.

We've created a ticket invitation resource here for you to sample a few different techniques to make your own invitations. And if you are just no good at DIY then we even have a custom invitation for you too.

how to make ticket invitations
Fake Ticket Invitations

What kind of Ticket?

Ticket styled invites cater for nearly every one. There are concert tickets for Teenagers and music lovers; Circus or carnival tickets for smaller children; Sports game tickets for the athlete of any age; and others like airline and train tickets are pretty universal. Lots of DIY brides are making Boarding Pass type wedding invitations and save the date cards. They are just so cool. So like I said there seems to be something for everyone. Here are a few you may try.

Ticket Invitation Fonts:

Now one of the trickiest parts of making a digital invitation is choosing the right fonts. More often than not you will see the font you like and will decide 'Yes, that's the font I want to use.' But getting your hands on that font is another story altogether since you will have know idea what it is called.  And if you do manage to find it there is no guarantee that it will be a 'free font' which is what we're looking for.

There is an invitation font out there for you and we will help you to find it. So read on to learn more about Ticket Invitation Fonts.

Ticket Invitation Clip Art

Pictures are a great way to embellish your invitations. A simple motif can go a long way to set the tone of your celebration or party. For kids birthdays balloons and cake scream 'fun birthday party'. For a vintage look add 'the pointing hand'... You get the picture, no pun intended.

Explore our range of ticket invitation clip art.

Ticket Invitation Wording

So what should we write on our invitations. We have a few samples of wording that you might use. Some are themed to suit the part theme, for example a carnival ticket invitation might read "Come one, come all!" or "Step right up to this birthday celebration" or similar verse.

See our ticket invitation wording samples

Other ways to embellish your ticket invite

Once you have printed your invite you may choose to decorate it further with ribbon, a charm or some other kind of lumpy bumpy decorations. I would highly recommend this as an opportunity set your invitation invite design above all the rest. So here are a few ideas.

Ticket Invite Samples

Here are a couple of invitations that have been hand made and printed by our fabulous DIY readers.  If you have made an invitation and would like to share it with the world, please send it through to us via the contact form or you can email me at

ticket wedding invitations

Janie's concert ticket wedding invitations made in MS Xcel and printed at home

Printable ticket invitations

Printable ticket invitations - an Admit one invite

admit one baby shower ticket invitation
Homemade Admit one ticket invitation


Our Custom printable ticket invitations in the shop

Like the idea of a ticket invitation but not keen on the thought of making them yourself?  Then let us create a custom ticket design that you can print from the comfort of your own home.  We will customise our ticket design with the wording of your choice and even add a photo. If your child or birthday guest of honor is an avid sports fan we will theme the ticket to your chosen sport.

Our tickets have been popular with Ice hockey fans, basketball and baseball fans, football fans and much more.

sports ticket invitation
Ticket invitation bk211

This is a variation on the ticket theme. popular with all sports party themes as well as princess and baby shower themes.

sports ticket invitation
Sports Ticket Invitation bk215


 This ticket invite was designed with rugby league and rugby union in mind.

Rugby league ticket invitation in the shop
Rugby party invitation bk221