Ticket Invitation Wording

You can have a lot of fun wording your invitation tickets. Keep the theme for your party in mind as well as the type of ticket that you are going to base your design on.

Train ticket wording ideas

All Aboard for a Birthday Party / Baby shower
All Aboard for Ryan's Birthday Party

Destination: 1234 Fairview Rd, Grandhurst
Travel date:  June 13th
Departs:  12 pm
Arrives:    until 2pm

RSVP to the Stationmaster on 546.685.4562

Please email/call ahead to reserve your seat

ticket valid only on the Ryan Birthday Express

Random train phrases

Movie ticket invitation wording

Movie Screening

This session only

Valid for one party session

Movie Pass

Circus ticket invitation wording

or "birthday carnival."

Circus Invitation titles

Circus invitation verses

Come one, come all
The circus is here
You're invited to Brad's
Birthday event of the year

June 19,  12-3pm
14 Airley Ave

RSVP: The Ringmaster - 123.125.1687

Sports ticket wording

It's an All Star Birthday Celebration

You're invited to

Jamie's 5th birthday

Kick off is at pm at
Our home ground
1536 Cherry Road, Sampleton

See you there, to shout and cheer!

rsvp: Coach Jensen, 1265.564.656

Concert ticket wording


General ticket phrases

Simple admit one ticket

you are invited to
jan 09 2010
mon day year

Boarding pass invitations

You can have lots of fun with a boarding pass. More popular with destination weddings and save the date cards but you can make birthday invites as well.  Most bp's have similar wording so take a look at any airlines boarding pass for an example of the outlay and substitute the following wording.

Kids Birthday Boarding Pass

Ticket to Fly - Party Boarding Pass

Carrier:  Jamie's Airways  or  Robertson's Airlines  (Air Jamie, Jamies Air etc)
Class:  First Class
Destination: 55 Ramsey St, Oroton
Flight: 3YRS-OLD   
Date: SAT  12JUN  2010
Name: guests name OR Jamie's 3rd Birthday
Seat RSVP: 05JUN 2010  
Boarding time:  1200   or 12pm
Gates close: 05JUN  2010, rsvp to Charlotte 123.123.2564

Optional info to include if you like.
This ticket is non-refundable and non-transferable. Passengers are limited to 2 carry on parents. Our in flight service will include fun, games and cake.  *Please call our ticketing office by 5 June to confirm or cancel your booking on 123.123.2564. Thank you for flying Jamie's Airways

* Regrets only: If you need to cancel your flight please give one weeks notice (by 5 June) to the ticketing agent at 123.123.2564.

Add a barcode with the barcode font if you wish
Include any extra information in an appropriate empty space.


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