Damask Wedding Invitation Design

wedding invitation design 1 - damaskDamask Wedding invitation design is hot at the moment. Sleek and elegant, this old school pattern is making a huge come back. Find damask patterned paper from scrapbook stores or maybe gift wrapping paper. Vintage wallpaper can be found in antique stores and online. Have you made your own invitations? Submit them to our growing gallery to inspire future diy brides.

Bamboo Damask Wedding Invitation

I made this invitation using Adobe Photoshop. The damask pattern you see was inspired by some old vintage wallpaper. It took me about a couple of hours to create the damask brush pattern but it was well worth the time in the end. If you have Photoshop you might prefer to hunt around on the internet for some free brushes using terms like 'damask brushes' or 'floral brushes'

I sent the final draft of to my new online friend who printed it off at her local copy shop onto plain white card for around 40c per card. The rsvp and wishing well cards we're even cheaper still to print. All she had to do was print and cut. I think she used the copy shop to make the cuts too.

Tanya was going to print them off onto photo paper which would have been cheaper still (12c-30c each) but the card option was a little more firmer and didn't really cost much more.

hot tip - buy some magnet strips and stick them to the back.

The fonts here were not the final fonts that I used. I think these fonts are ChopinScript and Century Gothic. The colors are bamboo: #d5e18f, chocolate: #533519 and scarlet: #d21010.

Damask Wedding Invitation