Film Wedding Invitation

If you have word processing software and access to a printer you can create some pretty fabby wedding invitations as shown here by Sarah. These invites are a good example of what can be created with basic cardstock.

Invitation design

I designed my wedding invitations with a film / book / car them on Microsoft Word 2007 (I know, simple). The font I used was Broadway. I also used a lot of the Word Art that is available freely in MS Word.

Film Wedding Invitation examplesPrinting on cardstock

All of the cardstock that was used came from Walmart. To print them all we did was print one copy off of my mom's printer and because she is a teacher we took them up to her school and ran them through the photocopier. We printed two invitations to a page.

My sister's Boyfriend's grandpa owns a printing business with large paper cutters, so he cut them all down to size for us because we printed them on normal sized cardstock. The white cardstock with the writing on it was about a 4x6 or a little larger and the black cardstock behind the invite was 5x7 in size.

Finishing them off

Once they were all cut down to size I went to Walmart and bought a corner rounder. I then rounded all corners on both the white and black cardstock.

I then took spray adhesive and sprayed the back of the white cardstock and connected it with the black cardstock. After that they were finished!

Costs and supplies:

White cardstock -- $5.00 on Sale at Walmart
Black Cardstock -- free from Sister's boyfriend's grandpa
corner rounder -- $4.00 from Walmart
Printing -- free
Spray adhesive -- free, my fiancé had it in his garage from working on cars
Envelopes -- $15.00 from Staples
Total Cost: $24.00

The postage cost more than the actual invitations!

Made by Sarah
Columbus, Indiana.


Sarah also made her own ticket type RSVP cards, gift registry cards and reception cards as well.

ticket rsvp cards
Ticket styled RSVP cards