Modern Wedding Invitations

modern wedding invitations - invite number 1While a traditional wedding invitation is the most sought after, More and more brides are inevitably turning away from traditional pearl and gold and are looking at invitations created with a more modern look and feel.

Digital invitations are leading the pack, created with the help of a good graphics or photo editing software package like photoshop or similar. Good wedding related graphics an clip art are readily available on stock photography websites, and if you shop around you can find them at reasonable prices.

Silhouette Wedding Invitation

Again with the Photoshop skills I played around a little and created this more modern styled invitation. The silhouette of the couple walking along holding hands was created from a photo of newlywed friends. After trying a few colour variations I found that I liked this dusky purple and pink combo. (fyi - the pantone report is a great source of the latest colors that are en vogue)

These can be printed on to card on your own printer or at the copy shop, or you can print them at you photo developer onto photo paper.

The font used is the plain old Times New Roman. The colors are dusky purple: #b9aba9, pink: #5f8cbcd and white: #ffffff.

modern wedding invitations - silhouette couple walking

PS If you want to order this invitation as a print at home design then you can get it here


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