Homemade Pocket Fold Wedding Invitations

I absolutely love creative handmade wedding invites. Here is one sample of a gorgeous homemade pocket fold wedding invitation was created by Jenny.

Homemade Pocket Fold Wedding Invitations
Opened pocket fold invitation

I used Rexcraft as an inspiration for my invitations. My final design is significantly different than my original inspiration, but I did use similar wording.  The pocket is a purple card. on the inside is a neutral colored base card with a 4x6print of our engagement photo adhered to it. Layered on top is a vellum sheet with the invitation wording. The base and vellum are tied together with ribbon and glued to the pocket fold card.

The inserts are a reception card, accommodation, directions and RSVP card and envelope, they all slip into the right hand side pocket.  A belly band keeps to fit around the closed pocket fold keeps it closed and the contents safe within.

Handmade by Jenny

Pocket fold invitation tutorial

If you want to try your hand at making your own pocket fold invitations then check out this pocket fold invitation tutorial. There are step by step instructions to help you create and save money. Be warned however, you will need some fiends to help you as they can be time consuming to make.