How to Make a Pocket Invitation Card

DIY Pocket Invites are super easy to make. As you can see there are many different styles of pockets that you can create. We have created this tutorial to make a very simple invitation. 

The pockets for the invitations that we are making in this tutorial are cut from a piece of US letter paper (8½"x11") Each sheet will make 2 pockets.

How to Make a Pocket Invitation two pockets multi card pocket invitations


Step 1 - making the pocket

Take your piece of 4¼" x 11" cardstock and score two folds lengthwise. The first at 1¼" and the second at 5½ (halfway)


Note. US letter paper is 8½"x11". So you can use on sheet of US letter to make two pockets.


Step 2

Fold the card in half along the scored line.


Step 3

Fold back the short decorative trim flap.


Step 4

Run some double sided tape along the two inside edges of the top card and stick it to the bottom card. Try to stick the tape as close to the edges as you can.


Step 5

Decorate your pocket as you wish. You can use ribbon, buttons, die cuts, scrap bits of card left over

Step 6 - creating the inner tag

Create your insert tag card to be 3½" x 5" If you are going to print on your card then do so before you cut them. You can fit 4 cards on to one sheet of 8½" x 11" inch paper.

You can also choose to embellish either or both sides of the tag.

Step 7

Pop the card into the decorated pocket.

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