Make Your Own Princess Invitations

Prince and princess themes are popular with children's birthday parties, A Disney princess theme ranks in the top 10 party themes for girls birthday partys.

Instead of purchasing princess invitations with absolutely no personality, why don't you try your hand at making your onw invitations. There are numerous ways that you can make your own invitations to suit a royal princess party theme and we have tutorials with pictures to help you out.

So if your precious little princess or prince is in need of the perfect invitations then look no further than these fabulous handmade invites. 

Handmade Princess Invitation tutorials

princess  invitations
Princess Castle Invitations

crown princess invitations
Crown Invitations

princess invitations castle
Drawbridge Invitations

Princess invitation wording examples

Princess Pocket Invites

Knight and Princess Birthday Invitations
Cricut Princess Invites

  printable princess party invitations
Printable princess party invitations

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Fairy wand invitations


Invitations from the Shop

  printable princess birthday invitations
Princess invitations in purple

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Princess party invitations in pink


Crowns for a Princess

I made these for my DD's 3rd birthday. We needed a simple princess theme for our invitations and chose to use make a crown shaped invite.

Materials used to make crown invitations

princess crown invitation templateStep 1 - Print the template

 Right click on the cown image to the right and Save it to your computer. Open up MS Word or similar word processing program and Insert the image into a new document. Resize it as needed then print the crown invitation template on to firm card so that you can trace the image several times on to your card stock.

Trace onto pink card and cut out. this is easier done with a craft knife as you have better control around the points of the crown.

Step 2 - Print the wording

With your word processing program arrange your invitation wording to fit inside the crown - you might need to play around with this a little until you get it right. Print onto scrap paper first to ensure you have the correct dimensions.  Once you are satisfied you can print directly on to your card.

Cut out your wording and adhere it to the crown. You can create a matt for the printed layer to create a more appealling look.

Embellish the invitation

Decorate your invite with any craft materials you have handy. We've used sequins in complimenting colors. You can also use fake gems and glitter. 

By Blake's Mommy
Lakeland, Fl

crown princess invitations

Princess Birthday Pocket Invitations

A simple pocket invitation with stamped images. Simply make a pocket and tag invitation.  Print the party details onto card or paper and adhere to the pull out tag. Slip the tag into the pocket and you're done.

Experiment with the size of the pocket. There is no right or wrong way to make this invite. Punch a hole in the tag with a hole punch tool and tie in some fibers or ribbon.

Handmade by Caroline
The Netherlands dutch