Printable Princess Party Invitations

printable princess party invitationsOnce upon a time there was a little princess and it was her birthday. She wanted to create some fairy wonderland invitations and found these beautiful party invitations that she could print and make at home with her queen mother.

So she printed and cut and glued and folded. At the end of her adventure she had lots of wonderful invitations to send to all her friends and family. And they all lived happily ever after.

If you would like to make these invitations you will need a computer and printer to print out the free invitation template, a craft knife and a glue stick.

They are really very easy to make. So get your supplies and lets get started.

The assembled invitation measures 5"x4.5" (approx 11.5x12.75cm)

Supplies for carnival invitations

Step one

Print off the princess party invitation on to white card stock. Print as many as you need

supplies to make a princess party invitation
Step two

With your scissors or craft knife cut out the invitation foreground and background. Be sure to cut around the background border.

cut out the princess invitation template
Step three

Cut out along the top of the drawbridge with a craft knife - line is highlighted in red. Start from the bottom left corner and finish at the bottom right corner of the drawbridge.


This will allow the drawbridge to fold down..



printable princess invitation step 3
Step four

Glue the top layer to the bottom layer. Ensure that the wording on the bottom layer is facing up.

When the drawbridge is down you should be able to read the text clearly.

Clue the princess invitation together

The completed assembled castle party invitation.


diy princess party invitation completed

And so the princess sent out her homemade party invites and she was blessed with a happy birthday celebration to be remembered for all time.

We hope you like our princess party invitations.