How to make an Apron Invitation Card

This easy to follow tutorial will show you how to make simple cooking themed invitations for your party celebration. They are best suited to any number of occasions and are great to make as.


Apron Invitation Card
Apron card invitation

Printable apron card template

to make this invitaiton you will need

  • Patterned card stock or paper
  • Firm colored card
  • White card or copy paper
  • Ribbon
  • Adhesive - glue or double sided tape
  • Scissors or craft knife
  • A ruler and pencil

Download and print the apron card template that will fit in an a2 envelope. Print it onto firm card and cut out the template along the solid lines.


Download the printable apron invitations template here

download Apron Invitation Card template

Step 1.

Trace around the template onto firm card of the color of your choice.




trace Apron Invitation template

Step 2.

cut out the card with scissors or a craft knife.

cut out card.

Step 3

Fold the card up along the dashed line to create a pocket.

fold up apron card

Step 4

Unfold the pocket. On the bottom half of the pocket run some tape or a thin line of glue along both sides as close to the edge as you can.


tape it down

Step 5

Fold up the flap to form the pocket.

Cut a piece of patterned card and stick it to the front cover.

cut out ribbon + front panel

Step 6

Punch out two holes at the top where indicated by the template.





ribbon for Apron Invitation

Step 7

Thread through a 6" length of string, ribbon or wool up through the left hole from the back and knot it at the back. Then thread it down through the right hole and again make a knot at the back.


thread ribbon through holes

Step 8

Create an insert for the card with the invitation details typed or written on to it. It should measure approx 3.5" x 5" high. Slip the invitation insert into the apron pocket.

create Apron Invitation insert

apron invitation template


Don't have access to a printer?

If you do not have access to a printer then you can make a template by simply grabbing some firm card (from a cereal box or similar) a medium to large sized plate, pencil, ruler and craft knife.

  1. Firstly cut out a rectangle card that measures 4.25" x 8.25"(width x height)
  2. Measure down from the top 2.5" and make a mark with pencil on both sides of the card
  3. Measure in from the left top corner 1.25" and mark with the pencil. Do the same for the rhs.
  4. Take your plate and line it up on the left hand side with the left side mark and the top lhs mark and trace around the plate. Repeat for the rhs.
  5. Now mark the point for the fold 2 3/4" up from the bottom of the card.
  6. Now cut out the curves and you have your invitation template
  7. Done

Other examples of the Pocket Apron invitation

How to make Fourth of July Invitations

Fourth of July BBQ invitation

This blue, red and white invitation was made for a fourth of July party. It was made using the above template with the addition of a paper trim and some free clipart.