Make a BBQ Invitation

 Summer is here and you're having a barbecue in your backyard. Do you need some ideas or free resources for your handmade invitations that go beyond a txt message or a quick email.  Be inspired to add a touch of creativity to your bbq event by our gallery of homemade invitations made by readers just like yourself. Take a browse through the grill for your next casual barbecue invitation idea.

Barbecue invite ideas

bbq in flames clipartFree BBQ clipart for invitations

Use clipart images to spice up your party invites. a simple image cut in a square border and adhered to any card is simple enough to do and looks great too!

Get your free bbq clip art especially made by us for your invitations.

Barbecue Invitation wording

The King of the Charcoal
summons you to a bbq


We're fired up!

Join us for a barbecue

Saturday 23rd June, 2010 at 5pm

The Thompson Home
1245 Griller Road, Appleby
RSVP Jim & Ruby 365.569.4865


Me and Bob want to invite you
To our place for a barbecue!


Barbecue invitation examples

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 bbq invitations
grill invitation

bbq invitaiton of a movie poster
movie poster invitation

printed bbq invite
bbq invite


apron invitation
bbq apron invitation

4th july bbq invitation
Fourth of July bbq invitation


Digital Barbecue Invitation

I suppose my creative process is just spur of the moment. I am a graphic designer by trade, so the actual design is done in Adobe Illustrator. I am very inspired by photography (it's a hobby in which I would like to become very well-versed someday). So, once I know what the event is, I just plug a keyword or two in Flickr and see what  comes up. The angle and tone of the photo generally sets the theme for the design.

Usually, I take the photo in Photoshop and alter the levels, curves, maybe throw a filter on it. Once I've tweaked it to my satisfaction, I bring it into Illustrator. I sample colors from the photo to use throughout the rest of the design - for the fonts, background colors or shapes.

I'm also a big typography nerd, so I love great typefaces. I think type is one of the biggest determinates of how successful a design is; so, you really have to nail the right font. In that vein, I type everything out and leave it around the artboard in Illustrator. The words lend themselves to shapes, and I let them behave the way they
want to.

Most of the invitations you see were created to be emailed to all the employees in my company. Usually, I have edgier taste; but in these cases I had to stay conservative. So, I like to choose photos that will make everyone giggle, and I like to be a little sarcastic.

If I were to print these out for snail mail or to hand out, I think they would work best as a basic postcard, heavy stock, glossy.

This invitation was made for a barbecue party get together.

The photo was by vinduhl on Flickr - make sure you get permission before using someones artwork or photos, even if it is for personal use.

Philadelphia, PA

bbq invitation - get some here!

It is clear that all food is provided and it is BYO alcohol by the - Bring your poison of choice & a joke of questionable taste.

bbq invitation detailsbarbecue invitation - edgy

Another of Kristin's designs

another bbq invite

Clint Eastwood Movie Poster BBQ Invitation

I used the image from the 'High Plains Drifter' movie  poster, switched out the info on the board with Photoshop and some "western" looking font I had, then I replaced Clint Eastwood's gun with a spatula, filtering it to look like it matches.

time of bbq: High Noon

Brent Warner
Kobe, Japan

movie poster bbq invitation


Casual BBQ invitation


Made By Liz