Wedding Invitation Examples of Wax Seals

This is a lovely example of how you can make wedding invitations with wax seals and ribbon embellishments.  You can buy wax seals from you local craft store.

Making wax seal invitations

Wedding Invitation Examples of Wax Seals

Super hot tip for stamping the wax seal!

The secret with the wax and glue gun is that if the stamp gets too hot, it doesn't easily remove from the hot wax after stamping. Too remedy this, between each impression (while I folded and put the wax) I left the stamp in a small bucket of ice. It took a bunch of unusable stampings and wasted ribbon to come up with that solution.

Wedding Invitation Examples

It took a lot of time to make these DIY invitations, I had about 400 invites. It did it over a bunch of days.  I mostly assembled them on a TV tray in front of the TV while watching HGTV and CSI, and I was really happy with the way they turned out.

When I first decided to do the invites this way, I had no idea there would be 400 of them... my father invited his whole town, but they live across the country so almost none showed up... they just sent gifts. :-)

Made by Tovi Gold,
Teaneck, NJ


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