Tie The Knot Wedding Invitations

These invitations turned out the be pretty cool. We did everything ourselves from the wedding invitation design to the embossing of envelopes and mailing. My friends over at AlphaGraphics took care of the printing and cutting for me.

Since we are a little unconventional we decided that our wedding invites should be unconventional, starting with the fact that we never mentioned the word "wedding" on the invitations.

How to tie the knot Wedding InvitationsInvitation Design

The only real graphical element, the knots, was found by complete accident in an old manual that I had found. I scanned the image and did some minor clean up in Adobe Illustrator.

The artwork was imported into the layout that I had created in Adobe InDesign.

The invitation card stock and envelopes were purchased from www.paper-source.com.

Invitation envelopes

The origami paper, purchased from Michael's craft store, was cut to size, lightly glued and placed in the envelopes. The envelopes were embossed with our return address on the flap (also purchased from Paper Source). A friend of mine owns a local print shop and handled the printing free of charge.

Lessons learned while making our invitations...

How to tie the knot Wedding Invitations Set
How to tie the knot Wedding Invitations Set

Invitation Wording - How to tie the knot

As far as we can tell it's pretty easy.
You find someone you want to spend the rest of your life with,
get a ring, and find a place to say "I DO" We've got most of that covered.
So, please join us on August nineteen, two thousand and six as we celebrate
our Zero Anniversary with you, our family and friends. The celebration will be
held at Christoper's Restuarant in Wayne, PA from 6:30 to 10:30 PM.
By the way, there is a strict "No Madras Allowed" dress code in effect.

We hope to see you there

Karen and Kevin

Wedding RSVP card
We could do this wedding thing alone, but it will be much more fun with you there.
Please let us know if you'll be able to attend by filling this out and sending it back

We even paid for postage!
Yes. I'm flying solo
Yup. Me + One (that means TWO of you are coming).
Nah. I have to wash my hair that night.

Extra information insert
Gift registry, places to stay, and other useful stuff can be found at:

Made by Kevin M Jackson


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