Handmade Sewn Wedding Invitations

I love all the beautiful fabrics that you can buy from sewing and craft stores like Joann's and even home decor shops like Ikea and Freedom furniture. I really wanted to base my wedding stationary around a favorite material of mine and stitched with a nice coordinating color that would tie it all together as well as create a distinctive border.

Hand Sewn Wedding Invitations
Finished sewn wedding invitations back and front with sewn on embellishments

After a bit of trial and error I came up with a design that we both loved. Our wedding colors were khaki green and chocolate brown. I selected a lovely floral pattern in our chosen colors.

I had a lot of white construction card that hubby brought home from work one day years ago. It was firm and quite thick and so I figured that we'd use it to



Sewn Wedding InvitesStep one

Print the invitation details on to your card at least a 1/2" inch from the left side. Leave most of the top half of the card blank (at least 3") for your flower motif. If you have a design with small flowers or leaves that you can stick to your invites then you can leave about 1 1/2" of the bottom blank for them as well.

Step two

Iron your fabric, measure and cut a 5x7 rectangle. Use a rotary cutter and a straight edge ruler to cut a good line. If you don't have these tools then cut them out with your sewing scissors.

Tip: Iron on some medium interfacing on to the wrong side of your fabric to make your fabric more firm and easier to cut.

Step three

Cut out a selection of flowers and leaves from your ironed fabric

Step four

Take your printed card and place the 5x7 fabric rectangle face up on to the back of the card. You might want to use a spray adhesive to secure the fabric to the card and hold it in place while you sew it together.

Step five

stitched invitationsWith the printed invitations details facing up Stitch a border in a coordinating colored thread around the card about a 1/4" in from the sides carefully joining the card and the fabric together.

Step six

Flip the card over and position your flower and leaves onto the front of the card. attach the flowers it to the card by stitching loosely around the flower or the flowers center. Don't try to be too perfect as it will look great. Stitch along the spine of the leaves.

Step seven

tie off any loose threads.  The edges of the fabric are raw and my fray but that is fine, it just adds to the character of your homemade wedding invitations.

RSVP inserts and cards

These were the easiest of all. I printed the cards onto the white card and matted them onto chocolate and green card and stitched a border with cream thread.


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