Make Scrapbook Wedding Invitations

These invitations were made primarily with Scrapbooking products. I wanted something to reflect my style and my love for all things paper for my wedding invites. I managed to stick  to a super tight budget and save a lot of money.

Make Scrapbook Wedding InvitationsSupplies

Creating the backing

I picked up a few stacks of themed scrapbook pages at my local discount department store for the backing of my invitations. I cut the back of each invite out using my template and a craft knife.  To find the perfect invitation template I experimented with a variety of plates, trays, books & DVD cases until I settled on the lid of a letterset box as my template.

Hot tip:  When creating a template for your invitations it is important to factor in the envelope size that you will require and associated mailing costs. Find out this information before you plan and design your invites.

Each invite background is cut from a different design of card from the scrapbook stack - so even though they all carry the same theme, everybody I sent one to gets a different design.

Wedding wording and details made easy

The details of the event were typed in MS Word & printed onto sheets of cheap vellum I purchased from an office supply store. I printed them with my cheap Canon inkjet printer, then instead of cutting them to size to fit onto the patterned card I used a ruler and tore the vellum along it. Not only is this a BAZILLION times easier than cutting each sheet with a craft knife or scissors, but it also gives a really nice effect. 

I measured the vellum sheets to be 1/4" smaller than the backing so that I had a 1/8" border all the way around.

No fuss invitation construction

With all the pieces of the invitation prepared, all that was left was to assemble them.

The vellum sheets were attached to the card backing sheets with a few colorful brads from Target - no glue, no tape, no mess! I suggest doing this on the carpet or a folded towel so you can pierce the vellum & card through with the tip of a craft knife before you insert the brad (this may be common sense to some people, but it took me ruining two invites before I realized that the brads bent the card if I tried to shove them through on their own.)

hand made Scrapbook Wedding Invitations

Finished Scrapbook Wedding Invitations yet following the same theme

Photo RSVP cards

The RSVP cards are just Kodak 4"x6" photo sheets. Print a pretty design on the shiny side and, once perfectly dry, print your RSVP details and address like a postcard on the reverse side with your inkjet printer. Send them pre-stamped so it's easy for people to tick the appropriate box and pop it in the post. ^-^

rsvp for the scrapbooking invitations
RSVP printed on photo paper to make a postcard

Our RSVP offered four options each with a tick box to select.

RSVP Wording for wedding invite
RSVP Wording

Themed postage Stamps

I found that our postal service offers special, event themed stamps. I ordered beautiful flocked & foiled ones decorated with hearts - and they made the RSVP's so much prettier!

Hand Made by Jessa Booth
Adelaide, Australia

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