Baby Shower Clipart Invitations 

Using free clipart images from the internet are a cost effective way to make your party invitations.  You can find all sorts of baby clipart that will suit your occasion from prams and strollers to pacifiers (dummies) and diapers.  A simple lined image should be fine. Beware of the quality of the images that you find. Some are more suited to being used as computer graphics and best viewed on the monitor. These images are not suitable for printing on to paper. To be safe, stick with images that have a resolution of at least 300dpi and you should be fine. We have some invitation clipart that you might like to use.

Pram invitations

These are the very first cards that I made paper crafting! They were invites for my sister's baby shower -- she had a boy whom she decided to name Guthrie. Because she had already decided on a name for the baby I was able to make invitation monograms. I used my Cricut to create the "g"s and the diamonds. I also made her Thank You cards so she didn't have to purchase them in the midst of being preggers.


How to make it

Clipart Invitations

Clipart Invitations

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