Free Printable Baby Shower Invitations

Are you in need of some cheap baby shower invitations?  Then why don't you print out one of our free invites and simply fill in the details for your next baby shower event. We have a whole lot more invitations for any event on our site.

Pink Baby Girl Invitation

printable baby shower invitations for a girl

Download Invitation

The invitation is formatted as a .GIF image. Simply right click on the invitation image and click 'Save Image As'  Browse to the folder you wish to save it to and click Save (eg. My Documents or similar)

Print Invitations

To print you can simply open the invitation by double clicking the file and selecting 'print' from the file menu. Alternatively you can insert the image into your word processing document (eg MS Word) resize the image if you wish and print form there (eg. Select File->Print)

Blue baby boy invitation

printable baby shower invitations for a boy

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