Free Invitation Clipart

Enjoy our grown selection of invitation clip art all hand drawn by me and then turned into gif images just for you on your invitations. You are more than welcome to use these images for your own personal use only. They are not for distribution through any other websites.

We have a bunch of cakes and invitation wording images for you to use. Simply right click the image and copy it to a location on your computer. You can insert them into a word document and print them out on to cardstock or paper. Loosely cut around the outer edge to leave a bit of a border.

We'd love to see what you do with these free clipart images so be sure to send your homemade invitations pictures to us via the submit form

Halloween Invitation Clipart


Carved pumpkin head "You're Invited" halloween clipart

Carved pumpkin head "You're Invited"

See our selection of thank you clip art


4th of july clip art

fourth of July clipart

bbq in flames clipart
Free BBQ invitation clip art


tea party clip art
tea party clip art

Christmas Bauble clipart
Christmas Invitation Clipart
'Lets Celebrate' Ladybug clipart in speech bubble

More Ladybug clipart


farm birthday clipart barn

A barn for a farmyard invitation

you're invited clipart
You're invited black and white

you're invited clipart 2
You're invited in color

come and party clip art

Come and party

come pary birdie invitation clipart
Come and Party 2

see it in action in this 1st birthday invitation

round invitation clip art

Round Scalloped 'You're Invited'

birthday cupcake clipart

Birthday Cupcake clipart

date clipart.

Date tab: print it off, roughly cut around the outline leaving a bit of a border (don't try to cut it perfectly) Circle with a pen or marker the date that applies. Great for any sort of party.

green cupcake invitation clipart
more yummy cupcakes...

blue cupcake invitation clipart

owl party invitation clipart

Come to the party it will be a hoot!


fish invitation clip art

Under the sea invitation fishy

You're Invited Fishy clipart
Fishy clipart with "You're Invited"

Baby Shower Clipart

Baby boy and girl clipart for baby shower invites.


pink elephant clipart baby shower
It's a Baby shower speech bubble elephant.

blue elephant clipart baby shower

Blue elephant clipart for a Baby Shower Invitaion.

buzzy bee invitation

Little buzzy bee baby shower clip art.


- Insert a whole heap into one word processing document and print off to save time and paper

- Print preview before you print off your clipart - save you time and heartache over wasted paper and ink.

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