21st Birthday Invitations

21st birthday invitation - mosaic tilesCreate your own 21st birthday party invitations. Choose from a growing gallery of handmade invitations.

Take a look at our 21st birthday invitation wording samples. We have formal wording examples as well as some less stuffy informal party wording because lets face it, 21st birthdays are for letting loose and running wild. There is also a rhyming verse or to for a little bit of fun.

21st Birthday Party Invitations

This is a great mosaic design for a party invitation. It looks pretty tricky but with a little bit of careful planning they are not so difficult to make.  These invites are approx . The base card yields six invitations per A4 sheet of card.


Step 1.  Take your base color A4 card (navy blue) and divide it into 6 equal parts like in this image. Each rectangle will be the base for one invitation. Each invitation base should be approx 4"x3.75" Put these pieces aside for now.

Step 2.  With your word processing program create each of the rectangle text pieces with the information for the birthday party. Who, what where when etc. Each text rectangle in this example measures 1 1/2" x 1 1/8". Print off the text onto your remaining three pieces of cardstock.

Step 3. Cut out each of the rectangle paper tiles. I used a paper trimmer so that I could have a better chance of keeping the shapes even. Don't worry if they are not perfect. As long as you have the party details correct they will look fine.

Step 4. Arrange your tiles on the base card to your liking. Then use your glue stick to stick the tiles down.

21st birthday invitation

Make a photo invitation

If you have a couple of small photos of the birthday boy or girl you can place them onto the spare tiles. You can also print a university logo or sports team logo on to the extra tiles to personalize your invitations a little more

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