Engagement Party Invitations

Looking for some great ideas to make kick your engagement off to a good start.  Make your own funky invitations. It's can be so easy and cheap to do.

Engagement Invitation Ideas

We have an invitation example made in the shape of a diamond ring

Engagement Party Invitations

Engagement Invitation Wording Ideas

Selecting the right wording for your invitations can sometimes be a tricky task, especially since the tone of the invitation ultimately sets the tone of the party. Use more formal wording for a formal affair and keep it light for a casual party.

June and Alex
are engaged!
Come and Celebrate
Saturday, April 17th
3:00pm to 7:00pm
134 Diamond Avenue
Rhinestone, BR 88888

Champaign and Hors J'ourves

Regrets only by April 1st
123 456 7890

Please join us in celebrating the engagement of
William and Martha
On Saturday September 18th
at 6PM

McGinty's on the Wharf
76 Sydney RD
City, State

Hosted by Jillian and Abraham
Casual Dress


If it's a quote that you're after you will have to check out our small collection. My favorite engagement or love quote comes from Casper the friendly Ghost

    If I tell you I love you, can I keep you forever

Sooo sweet.  Check out more engagement quotes to use on your invitations, guest signature books and other wedding stationary.


Diamond Ring Engagement Invitation

This diamond ring engagement invitation is a little sweetie. The outline of a ring was free clipart found on the internet. A word document was created and then the ring clipart was inserted in the document.  Four rings were arranged onto an a4 sheet and then the text was inserted by creating text boxes and dragging them into place. When each of the four ring invites were completed they were printed on to two different colored card - aqua (shown below) and magenta. The rings were then hand cut roughly just a smidgen outside the lines, they aren't cut perfectly but that's the way I wanted it. (used a craft knife to cut out the inner circle. To finish off the ring invites two lengths of satin ribbon were tied onto the base of the rings to make them look a little prettier.  Square envelopes in matching colors were perfect for these invites.

engagement invitations - the diamond ring
Diamond Engagement Invitation

Now that you have your homemade engagement party invites under control you will then need to start focusing on throwing a fantastic engagement party. Take a look at these engagement party themes. There are a heap of fantastic and original ideas and you are bound to find one that will suit your needs.