Invitation Supplies and Card Making Dictionary

This page is looking a little bleak at the moment. I am adding more and more definitions and invitation words weekly. Please contact me if you need to know what a term is.


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Arlene's Paper Glaze - Gives dimension to your project by applying a clear glaze. It looks like embossing and looks great. Other similar products include Dimensional Magic and Diamond Glaze.


Cricut Die Cut Machine.

Corner Rounder - A handy little paper punch that rounds of the corners on your invitations.  They cost around $5US and are available from Craft stores and scrapbooking shops.


Die Cut - When a sharp metal die is used to cut out special shapes from paper



Paper Glaze (see Arlene's paper glaze)

Perforating Tool - Use this type of tool to perforate your invitations for easy tearing. You can also create a fancy stitching effect on you paper with it. Brands include Score Pal and the Tonic Mini Perforator (less than $5 and easy to use)



Un-mounted Stamp - These are rubber or acrylic stamps that you can purchase that are not mounted on to a block of wood. Instead you can mount them on to acrylic blocks (or a cd case if you're on a tight budget)


Tonic Mini Perforator (see perforating tool)