Make Fun Lingerie Party Invitations

lingerie party invitationsThese fun non folding (or flat) lingerie invitations were made with scrapbooking cardstock and papers. You may notice that scrapbook papers are very popular when making your homemade invitations. The reason is that they come in a huge range of fabulous designs that will suit any occasion. They are also pretty cost efficient to buy as the come in 12 x 12" sheets and if you use them wisely combining them with a cheap cardstock base you can get quite a lot of invites for very little money.


Step 1

Cut the base cardstock to 4" x 6".

Step 2

Cut your patterned papers.

Step 3

Staple a small piece of ribbon to the top stirp then stick the top strip to the base card. You can do this with the stapler or with adhesive like double sided taper or glue.

Stick the matt to the base as well.

Step 4

Type you party invitation details on to paper or card keeping within the width and length of 2 1/4 x 3 1/4. You can make it wider or longer if you choose, you will need to adjust measurements of the base card and the matt by the same amount.

Adhere the invitation wording to the card.

Step 5

Add additional embellishments like paper flowers with a two pronged brad at its center.

make lingerie party invitations