Make party invitations for Valentines

Make party invitations for your Valentines Day Event.  Take a look through the site to find some interesting and unique invitation making ideas that you can make yourself.

For a cute valentines theme you can make invites in the shape of a heart or a little cherub with a bow and arrow if you're feeling super artistic.

Ideas for Valentines invitations

Heart shaped invites - Make a heart shaped folded card or flat card invitation from firm card. Trace the heart design directly onto the card and cut it out with a pair of scissors. Write your party information on to the card or you can print it onto white paper, cut it out and glue it to the card.

Decorate a card with hearts - Make a regular folded card with pink or red cardstock. glue heart shape paper cutouts onto the front of the card to decorate it. You can use heart shaped paper doilies, craft punched hearts, hand cut hearts, heart stickers.

Create your wording insert on a computer, print and adhere to inside of card.



Valentines Party Invite



Doily Heart Invitation

heart valentines invitation card

This is a pretty sweet and simple invitation that we made for a Sweet Valentine Party.

It was very easy to make. We purchased some paper heart doilys on sale at our favorite craft depot store to make a paper garland decoration when we thought it would be a good idea to use the smaller doilys on our invitations.

To make this invite you will need:

Make your cards

La Soiree Noir

These invites were made from scratch(mostly). Made with a printer, a typewriter for some of the text, a sewing machine and part of a pre-printed pad. On the back there were some small little heart cut-outs and a map to show the guests the location of the party. We used these invites for a party we hosted that we called La Soiree Noir (the black party) it was a Valentines Day bash.

Ayesha Meriweather
Chattanooga Tennessee

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