Make a Mummy Halloween Invitation

make a mummy invitationI loved making these Mummy Halloween Invittes for your 2010 party. Try your party invite they were super simple to make, I even got my son Earl to make them with me, we had lots of fun. We got the idea from a Halloween party game where you have races to wrap up a volunteer with toilet paper until they look like an Egyptian mummy (minus the tomb)


Halloween Wording ideas

byob - bring your own beer

Trick or Treat

You're invited to Karl's Halloween Cotsume Birthday Party
At my Haunted house - address

Ask your Mummy if you can creep on over

Make the invitation

Step one

Cut your flat purple card to a size that  fit in the size envelopes that you'll be using. Use green, black or orange card if you like.

Step two

On your white card, draw a rough shape of a boddy with arms by its side. cut it out with scissors.

draw a body shape and cut it out

Step three

Place two goolgly eye ballson the head part of the shape and stick them to the card with pva glue.

Take a long strip of white crepe paper and tape or glue one end to the back of the body. Wrap the tape around the body until it is covered all over. Be careful around the eye area.

I left the end of the paper sticking out from the side.


wrap the mummy in crepe paper

Step four

Adhere the finished Mummy to the left side of the card with glue.

Type and print your invitation details on to paper or card. Glue the party info to the card next to the mummy and you're done

mummy Halloween invitation

Finished Mummy Halloween Invitation

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