Patriotic Save The Date Cards

Patriotic Save The DateAre you planning on getting hitched on the 4th of july. A big celebration on a most important holiday. You may even be lucky enough to get fireworks at the end of your evening.

Be inspired by some of ideas we have for Save the date Wedding cards that have a very patriotic feel to them.

Save the date ideas

Stars and stripes are an obvious theme idea

Fireworks would make a great backdrop to an announcement card. Take a photograph of the couple with fireqorks exploding behind them or may make a card with a graphics program and leave out the photo.

Wording ideas

red, white, we do

Sam and Janette, are exploding with love
Please save the date for their wedding

Obama Inspired Save the Date Cards


Patriotic Save The Date

I am no expert in Adobe Photoshop CS but inspired by the Obama Hope designs by Shepard Fairey , I thought I would give it a shot.

Step one

I chose digital photographs where the background was relatively distinguishable from our heads. It helps if the photographs are full quality.
don't work with a small image -- I tried that and it sucks.

Step two

I opened up those photos in Adobe Photoshop. I went to Filters-->Artistic-->Cutout. I chose 4 Levels because I eventually wanted to have four colors in my save-the-dates -- like Obama's hope posters. But if you want to have more or less colors, you can adjust the levels as needed. I fiddled with the Edge Simplicity sliding bar and Edge Fidelity bar until it looked about right. There wasn't really a method to this madness.

Step three

I used the Fill option (the little paint bucket) to color the "cutout" version of the photo. The picture part is done!

Step four

I wrote

you save the date

and voila -- we have some patriotic save-the-dates for our 4th of July wedding.

Here are some other spoofs on the "Obama-HOPE" icon that are non-wedding related...

Made By Ji
Los Angeles, CA, USA

Patriotic Save The Date 2

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