New Year Invitations Made in Photoshop

These themed New Years Invitations were mad by Bryanna in good ole Adobe Photoshop. The theme is based on a space mission with a blast off into the new year.

OK, so these were created in Photoshop. The font was free from and the background and foreground images were pictures from the old thunderbird television series. The astronaut image was a brush stamp. You can find lots of different Photoshop brushes here at which has a heap of free photoshop brushes for that you can use.

They were printed at They were running a monthly special so we were able to pick them up really cheap (just had to pay for postage. VistaPrint have sales every month and you are bound to pick up your invites really cheap if not for free.

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new year invitations
Space Mission New Years Eve Party Invitations

Wording for a Space Mission New Years Eve Party Invitation

It's 2010.
Where's our jetpacks
Lets all party like it's 1999

Your party commanders: Bryanna and Jennifer
Stardate: 12.31.09
Mission Time: 9:00PM
Launch Site: Address of the party

Booze | Snacks | Good Music
Feel free to bring other lifeforms

Made by Bryanna McGregor-Carroll
Chicago, IL USA


Extra wording ideas

Join us for a mission to mars

Count down to party

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