Polaroid Save The Dates

Do you want to use your polaroid camera to take pictures of yourself and your fiancé for your STD cards. While it may sound like a great idea, it is hardly a cost effective one. Imagine buying enough film to take 100 Polaroid pics, plus extra film for mistakes and not so pretty photos. You can imagine how expensive it might get.  But if it is what you want and you can fit it into your budget then by all means go ahead and grab a friend to be your 'photographer', find a suitable location and start snapping.

If the expense of buying Polaroid film is a little too much for you conservative budget, there are some other far more cost effective ways to create a cool polaroid effect for your STD's without losing out on style.

Idea 1

Take a polaroid photo of you and your fiance in a romantic pose (down on bended knee, kissing in a tree etc) Write the words 'Save the Date, 01-12-07 on the pic. Now take the polaroid and ask a friend to take a picture of the two of you holding the polariod between you with your arms extended (hold one corner each) Develop these photos and send them to your guests.

Idea 2

Use Photoshop to create a faux polaroid on one layer on top of a romantic photo of yourself and your fiancé. We found some free polaroid brushes from coolestbrushes.com

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polaroid save the date
Polaroid pic



Photoshop save the date magnets

polaroid save the date

I made my own save the date cards and invitations by taking a photo of myself and my partner and layering it on top of a polaroid image.  We chose a font and typed Jennifer & Steve are getting married! October 24, 2009. Then sent them out.

Download these Free Adobe Photoshop polaroid brushes from coolestbrushes to create your own cards. They have a variety of brushes that will work perfect with your invitations.

Made by Jennifer
Plano, Texas, USA

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