Popsicle Summer Party Invitation

Summer party invitation
Popsicle Summer Party Invitation

Now this is a great idea for a homemade DIY summer party invitation. Why not create a popsicle or iceblock invitaton. They are fairly simple to make and do not require many materials - just card and popsicle sticks that you can buy from your local dollar store or supermarket.

Thi invitation is perfect to set the tone for a summer birthday party or celebration. Your guests will be delighted to receive such a fun and quirky invite.

Supplies to make popsicle invitation

  • Computer and printer (optional
  • scissors or craft knife
  • Yellow construction card
  • popsicle sticks (iceblock sticks)
  • cutting mat
  • pencil, ruler, white glue
  • cardboard for template - from a cereal box will do.
popsicle invitation supplies

Step one

Sketch the shape of a popsicle onto cardboard from an old cereal box.

I drew my shape by first drawing a rectangle. I then rounded the top half to give me a symmetrical shape - Remember that your homemade invitations dont have to be perfect.

The dimensions for my popsicle template were 3 1/8" x 4 3/8". You can adjust the size to suit your needs.


making popsicle invitation

Step two

Use a word processing program on your computer (MS Word, Wordpad etc) to create the text for your invitation. I found a couple of fun fonts to use.

Make sure that you fit the wording into your specified dimensions. Print on to scrap paper to test that it is the correct size.

When you are satisfied with the layout, print on to the yellow cardstock.


summer party invitation

Step three

Lay the template over the top, trace around the template and then cut out the invitation with scissors.

iceblock party invitation

Step four

Grab a popsicle stick. We had a bunch of colored sticks in the craft box so we chose a green stick.

cover the top third of the stick with white glue and adhere the stick to the back of your popsicle cut out. Be careful to center the stick as much as you can. (you can use a pencil and ruler to lightly mark the centre on the back of the invite to ensure a centred stick)

completed popsicle invitations

Finished Invitation

You're completed party inivte will look something like this one.

Remember that you can ammend any of the dimensions to make your popsicle bigger or smaller as you like.

Our Summer invitation wording

It's fun in the sun

Our Miss Lily is turning One

Saturday 15 July
at 1pm
Lily's house
18 Splash Grove
rsvp: phone number

Summer party invitation