Printable Halloween Decorations

These were the Printable Halloween Decorations for 2010.  If you are planning a Halloween costume party,  or just having a get together with friends then this DIY party pack is for you.

These party decorations have been designed especially for you to print out at your own home,  copy shop or at your local office supplies store. Cut them out with scissors or a craft knife and follow the simple instructions to put them together.

The 'Printable Halloween Party Kit'

In this printable party pack you will receive a PDF file with the following items.

  • A “Happy Halloween” pennant banner to hang in your home

  • 12 Cupcake toppers / 2” party circles - these are multipurpose party circles and can be used as drinking straw accents, party cup decorations, party tags, a party chandelier etc

  • 3 Cupcake wrappers

  • 2 Favor bag / treat bag toppers

  • 4 Blank tent fold labels for party food and desert presentation

  • 6 Square 3" favor tags

  • 12 Mini candy bar wrappers (4 designs)

  • 4 Water bottle labels (2 designs)

  • 4 Patterned papers to use as place mats or candy corn cones.  They can also be used as wrapping paper

Cup cake wrappers and toppers


It is all formatted to print onto white 8.5" x 11" card. You will need a pair of sharp scissors, double sided tape or a glue stick and a hole punch. Optional tools include a 2" to 2 1/4" circle punch.

Purchase your Printable Halloween Party Kit  for $14.95USD NOW $8.45USD



Mini candy bars wrapped with the halloween printable candy bar wrappers

Treat bags made with the Halloween candy bag toppers and brown paper sacks.  Food label in the foreground

Make candy cones with the patterned papers and fill with sweet Halloween treats or pop corn. Use the 2" party circles to decorate your drinking straws.

Water bottle wraps for your juice boxes or bottled drinks. Swamp water and Witches brew.

Favor tags adhered to black noodle boxes filled with goodies. Tie a blank favor tag with your guests name written on it.


You will need:

  1. Letterhead (8.5"x11") card stock paper to print on. You can purchase cardstock from any office supply store, crafts stores and from the craft section of your local department store. We recommend a minimum of 110lb  grade paper I used 200lb paper .
  2. Goodie bags - Your goodie bags can measure from 4" to 7" wide. Use clear cellophane candy bags, paper lunch sacks or clear zip lock bags.
  3. String or ribbon to hang the pennant banner
  4. Scissors, exacto knife and straight edge (optional), adhesive tape and glue or a glue stick


Simply print on to cardstock, cut and adhere if necessary. Instructions are included on each page in the file.

Very Important - When you print your decorations, ensure that you print at 100% of the document size with page scaling set to none.


Purchase your Printable Halloween Party Kit  for $14.95USD NOW $8.45USD



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