Race Car Party Invitations

race car party invitations
Race Car Party Invitation

Get your engines started for a race car birthday party. Every boy likes their racing cars and would love a birthday party of the same theme.

For a different twist party invitations we thought we'd create these traffic light invites. They were really very simple to make and did not require much time at all. We did cheat a little and printed the invitation wording instead of hand writing it, but i f you'd have seen my handwriting you would understand why i printed them.

They are easy enough to make that the birthday boy (or girl) can help you putting the invites together.

So if your little boy is feeling the need for speed, then make your own traffic light invitations.

Supplies to make popsicle invitation

  • Computer and printer (optional
  • Card stock - Black for the base card. Orange, red and green for the lights
  • Scissors, pencil
  • Round template (small glass or cup)
  • double sided foam tape - brands like 3M, Magic mount
racing car invitation supplies

Step one

Print or write the wording onto the colored card

Use a glass or circle template to trace around with a pencil then cut out each of the lights.



racing car invites

Step two

Adhere the three 'lights' to the black base card with double sided foam tape. The foam tape allows each of the lights to 'pop' off the card.

You can choose to use plain double sided tape or a glue stick to adhere the lights if you do not have access to foam tape.



racing car images

Step three

Another view of the front of the invitation card with the red and green lights adhered to base card with foam tape.

You will notice the 3D look it has. The order of color for traffic lights is Red at the top then amber/orange then green for go at the bottom.

racing car invitations

Finished Invitation

Now we have our completed invitation card. Pop it into a black envelope and send it off to your guests.


race car party invitations

Such a simple design. Thanks to Charlotte for sharing her homemade Race Car party invitations with us.

Traffic light invitation wording

The wording that we used was very simple.

You are invited to a racing car party for
Tyler's 4th Birthday

Party location and address