Save The Date Wording

Here is a brief run down on the information that you need to print or write on to your save the date cards for your wedding or celebration event.

We have basic wording ideas as well as themed and novelty wording ideas.

For more ideas on wording you can take a look through the homemade save the date cards section. There are lots of examples and pictures of wedding cards made by our readers that are there to help and inspire you.

What information should you include on your wedding save the date card

Minimum Information to print on Save the dates

This would be the absolute minimum information that you should include. The average save the date would also include

Additional information to print

Some Save the Date Wording examples

Basic Wedding Save the Date

Save The Date
Jamie and Sarah are getting married
Date of the wedding
in City/town, Country
Formal invitation to follow


Martha and Stewart are tying the knot
on Wedding Date
please save the date for the celebration


Save the Date
Joann and George are getting hitched
on Date
Wedding location
Formal invitation to follow


Save the Date
for the wedding of
Valerie Timms and John Smith
City/town, County


Save the date
for the marriage of
Jamie Lines & Sarah Scott
formal invitation to follow

Creative ideas for sending save the dates

If you want to be creative you can write your simple wording on to plain white cards and take a picture with them.

For extra creativity points you might want to try writing your wording on any of the following items.

Fun wording ideas for save the date

Did you hear?
Joan and Ray are getting married
Are you going?


He asked her
She said yes
Now theres a wedding
will you be our guest?

Movie wedding theme

The Smith Wedding
Coming soon to a church near you

Destination Beach Wedding

Jack  and Jill would like to say...
Pack your bags for our wedding day!

Beach Wedding

Save the date for some sand, surf and love

We're tying the knot,
down at the bay
We'd like you to join us,
for our special day.

Love in the sun, come join the fun

Sports Wedding

Martha and Stewart have hit a home run
Be there to catch the game
DATE of wedding



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