Make Scary Halloween Invitations

These scary Halloween invitations are pretty easy to make.  Sending your guests a box full of creepy eyeballs is definitely a fun way to invite them to a party.  Imagine the looks on their faces and the fun the kids can have playing with their fake eyeballs.

Make Scary Halloween Invitations
Googley Eyes in a box Halloween party invitations

Materials used to make these invitations

Put them together

Take the cheese cloth and stain it with the brown ink, you might try red colored pigment for a bit of blood. Line the box with the cheesecloth.

Fill the box with eyeballs - make sure the bottom of the box is covered

Measure the inside of the lid and create your invitation wording on your computer to fit. Print, age it with tea or distress it with ink and glue to the inside of the lad.

Put the lid on the box and send it off to your guests. you may wish to hand deliver your invites.

scary eyeball invitations for halloween
Eyeball invite with wording in the box lid

Halloween invitation wording

For this kind of invitation we used wording and repeated the word 'eye' a lot.

"Eye" hope you can come
to our Halloween Party
When: Oct 30, 2010
Time: 6pm
Where: Our house
12 Harris road, Sydney
"Eye" hope to see you there.
Made by Hope Fout

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