How to Make Simple Invitations

Now these would have to be the best invitations to make when you're in a hurry, on a budget and you still want them to look great. We wont need any adhesives of any kind. All we need is cardstock and some 2 pronged brads which you can buy from your local craft or scrapbooking store. You can use your basic round brads or you can find a range of brads out there that will match your theme. The brads are what we will be using to hold the invitation together.

simple invitations you can makeMaterials:

Step 1

Score and fold your cardstock base at 1¼" from the top. Set this piece aside.

simple invitations you can make - measure first

Step 2

Print the invitation details onto the top card making sure to leave the top 1½" blank.  Slip the top card into the fold of the base.


simple invitations base

Step 3

Hold the card together and mark 3 holes along the top fold of the base for the brads.  You can distribute the holes evenly or place all three on the one side.

simple invitations  measure holessimple invitations holes

Step 4

Use a paper piercing tool to poke holes through the top fold and through the top card insert only for the brads. Do not pierce the bottom of the invitation base. If you do not have a paper piercing tool the you can use a safety pin or skewer to carefully pierce through the papers. Insert the brads to finish.

simple invitations finished

Tips and ideas

simple invitations - button embellishment
A Single Button embellishment

simple invitations - bling
Bling brads to add some sparkle to the invitation

simple invitations  - 3 buttons
Three buttons used instead of brads


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