Make Trifold Invitations

Trifold InvitationsNeed birthday invitation cards? These purple invitations were made with a kind of accordion fold. Two of the folds will hold a photo of the birthday girl and the third spot is for the invitation wording itself.

Dry Embossing your cards

You will notice that the purple cardstock has a nice swirly design that is raised. This effect is acheved by dry embossing and gives your card texture. This card was made with a fancy embossing tool called the cuttlebug, it creates the design on the whole card in a few seconds. Basic dry embossing is a little more labour intensive but only requires an inexpensive embossing stylus and a stencil with a nice design. You can pick up both items for a few dollars.  You then take your card, place it wrong side up over the stencil then use the stylus to trace around the stencil edges. When you're done you pick up the card, flip it over and there you have a perfectly raised image.

dry embossing stylus

How to make these birthday invitation cards

The first thing to do is to get your materials together:

Invitation Assembly

completed purple invitations
completed purple invitations

Made by Lana K.

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