Vintage Lingerie Shower Invitation

vintage Lingerie Shower Invitation

Vintage Lingerie Invitations

Love to use vintage images on invitations These invitations have been made with black cardstock, some patterned scrapbook and card crafting papers and some sexy vintage images.

Make the card

- Take some black card stock to make the cards themselves. These can be o bunch of old cards with no verses on the inside that you can pick up from 2nd hand stores and op shops. Or you can by some cheap craft card from a art or department store, cut them down to any size you like and fold them in half.

Step 1

Cut a white rectangular matt piece of card and stick it to the card on a slight angle.

Buy some cheap scrapbook paper from your dept store or art shop. You will find cheaper supplies at a dept store or even on Ebay than you will at a scrapbook store but the boutique store papers have a greater variety in design. Cut a piece slightly smaller than the white matt card and stick it to the front, centering it.

Step 2

Take your image, cut around it and adhere it on to the front of your card.
   A good source of printable images just like these is flickr. I have found a couple here that might suit.

Owner - JoAnne Ouellette aka takeabreak on flicker
terms of use - most of her stuff is free for personal use. If you are unsure then contact her to ask.
link - JoAnne's vintage lingerie images

There are also images in this Photo pool Her Secret Past image pool on Flickr. You will need to contact the owners of the images for permission to use them.

Step 3

For wings you can cut your own from chipboard and decorate with glitter, or maybe find some in a craft shop

Step 4

Print the text "Lingerie Shower for (Guest of Honors name)" in a funky font then cut the words out separately and attach to the card.

Step 5

You can type up all the pertinent details on regular paper and stick it to the inside of the card to save you lots of time.

Handmade by Rachel Killpack
Salt Lake City, Utah

Lingerie Shower Invitation 1 - large



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