Wedding Invitation Poems


I think a wedding is one of those few occasions where you can openly display your love for a good poem that pulls at your heart strings and not seem out of place. You would almost think that poetry was made for weddings, they add romance, enchantment, love.... All the key elements for a beautiful wedding day.

Endearing poems can be added not only to your wedding invitations, but to other wedding stationary. Incorporate poetry into your save the date cards - a funny limerick would not be out of place here, your wedding programs to set your guests into a mushy lovey dovey mood and your thank you cards.

Try your hand at writing your own invitation poetry. Make up your own poem, a haiku would be a good choice for the novice poet. Perhaps you can take a look at some of the poetry we have here for inspiration.


Love costs all we are
and will ever be.
Yet it is only love
which sets us free.

 - Maya Angelou

The best things in life
can never be kept;
They must be given away.
A Smile, a Kiss, and Love

- Tony Farrar

Today Is the Wedding
Today is the wedding
Of more than just two.
We always do something
Far more than we do.

Today is the birth
Of a new family:
One that will fashion
The one I will be.

And so as we welcome
A new man and wife,
I welcome a father   (can amend to mother)
Whose love changed my life.

I welcome a future
Together as three:
My mother and father
United with me.

- Nicholas Gordon

There is a love so certain
It can underwrite all fears;
A passion so enduring
It abides beneath the years;

A yearning so consuming
It's consumed by its own will
To yearn if need forever
For the one its need might still.

How beautiful the rapture
That sustains those long apart!
The joyful inner union
Of the undivided heart.

How sweet yet sad the music
That conveys such loyalty!
The devastated grace
Of the hope of love to be.

And now the mystic moment
Has arrived, and the reward
For all that time of waiting
Shall be gathered in a word.

And life with utter longing
Shall let down its golden hair
That these two faithful lovers
Find at last their pleasure there.

- Nicholas Gordon


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