Wording For Christmas Party Invitations


Look no further for wording for your DIY Christmas party invitations. We can show you a few tricks to create a Christmas verse for your celebration whether it be for a party or Christmas lunch or just an invite for some kids to come over and play with your childrens new Christmas toys.

See also the list of our favorite Christmas Fonts here that you can download for free and use to create fabulous Holiday invitations and greeting cards.

Casual Christmas Celebration Wording

Christmas Party inviteEat, Drink be Merry!
Join us to celebrate the holiday season

      *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Christmas comes but once a year
Let's get together for some holiday cheer

      *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Celebrate the season with friends and good cheer

      *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Let's raise a glass to the coming new year
We'll toast to the holidays with friends and good cheer

Family and friends get together

Let's ring in the Spirited Season
Please join us for a
Holiday Celebration
Sunday, December 12th

123 Mary Street

Martha and Stewart Kennedy

RSVP: 1234 5678

Work party - xmas break up

Small or Family Business

Let's toast to a
Fabulous Year

Join Ross and Judy for drinks
as we honor our staff
and celebrate the holiday season   

Saturday, December 20th
6:30 PM
The Friendly Snowflake Inn
27462 Joseph Rd

RSVP to Judy by December 10

Club Christmas Party

The Busy Bee's Social Club
Invites you to celebrate the Season

Saturday, December 5th
3:30 PM
At the Hills Clubrooms
1234 Frosty Lane

RSVP: 1234-4567

Yearly Christmas Party Invitation

Join us for the ________ Annual Christmas party

Friday 16th December
Eight O'Clock

Joan and Max
53 Candy Cane Road

Holiday attire


The Johnson's
Annual Holiday Party
December 15th
at 8:00PM
1365 Fairweather Road

Regrets Only 1234 5678

Christmas Cocktail Party

Tis the season to mix and mingle

Christmas Invitation Verses

A couple of modified Christmas verses from some very old Vintage Christmas cards. I have switched out a word or line here and there to create poems to suit any party invitation you may have for the holidays. Santa and his reindeer may even make an appearance or two.

Christmas Dinner Invitation Verse

An invitation I've sent with a wish for the season
By this time it is well on its way
Unless it delayed by a very good reason
You'll be dining with us on Christmas day

Christmas Party

Here's an invitation for you my friend
A party to celebrate years end
May every fragrant Christmas cup
Be filled to the brim Whenever you sup.
amended vintage Christmas poem

Come celebrate with us my friend
We'll drink a toast to this years end
A good time we'll have it's been fortold

Lets get our wild on at the office

May your Heart beat To the Christmas Chime
May you come to our party for a smashing good time

Great Christmas Verses

I wish you a bright Christmas
filled with pretty things
And hope you will be happy
With everything it brings

Til then, come and celebrate with us
Come join us for eggnog
With good friends and food a plenty
You surely can't go wrong


Lets start afresh and celebrate
The end of an awesome year
Lets greet the next one
With festivities and cheer.