30th Birthday Invitation Wording

30th birthday invitation wording ideasNeed wording that goes beyond naming the date, time and venue for your 30th Party Invitation celebration. See some of the examples that we have put together from some of the hand made invitations that have been sent in to us from our readers.

If you want to write a small verse or rhyme to personalize your invite we suggest that you take a bit of time, sit down and write down any interests that you have, qualities and traits, favourites (books, sport, food etc) Write a list of generic terms that you might find on an invitation like birthday, celebrate, late, night, light, fun, bash, party, thirty, date, flirty. Find a couple of terms that rhyme and then work your verse around that. Give it a try, you'll find that it isnt all that difficult to do.

Once you have selected the invitation verse that you wish to use then you may want to look at some ideas for making your DIY 30th birthday invitations. If you see something you like then perhaps you can try your hand at making them.


Catchy 30th invitation phrases

Formal wording samples

Please join us for a
30th birthday celebration
Sandy Julie Scott
Friday, October 19th at 6.00pm
The Firelands Grill
122 Grayston Rd

RSVP to Martha

Join Us!
For Dawson's 30th Birthday Celebration
Friday, July 15th, 2008
465 Cardan Street
Hollywood, California

RSVP Joann: 555-123-4567


Casual Invitation Wording

The big three-o

You are invited
 to Charlene's 30th birthday bash / bonanza

Saturday, 18 August
Starting out the night at
Rendevoux Restuarant
Cnr Pitt, Smith streets
at 7:30pm

be prepared for a night of outrageous fun
No boring allowed!

rsvp to Rachel by August 10


Surprise 30th Birthday Wording

You're invited to celebrate
Rachel Stewart's
30th Birthday
but shhh...
It's a Surprise!

Drinks and dinner
Saturday, June 30th
156 Sanders Lane

Sam Stewart
rsvp 256.2356
by June 22nd

Surprise invitation verse

Lizzy's is 30, isn't that great
We hope you will join us to celebrate
We're throwing a party, the date has been set
Let's make it a surprise that she'll never forget

30th invitation verse

Liv's feeling fun and oh so flirty
Lets celebrate, she's turning thirty

Justin is turing the big 3-0- (or 3-OH)
We're going to celebrate it right
Join us for dinner and afterwards drinks
The D-J will be rocking it late into the night