30th Birthday Invitations

30th invitation cardAnother Milestone birthday event that deserves some extra special invitation attention. This is one birthday occasion that I have recently celebrated myself... If only I had seen all these cool invitations before then, I would have had the best invitations ever! Oh well, there's always 40 and 50 to look forward to...sigh. Have a browse through our gallery for something to inspire you.

30th birthday invitation ideas

30th invitation wording

The wording for any invitation will always set the tone for your party celebration, formal or casual, It is best that you spend a bit of time selecting just the right thing to say.

As long as you have the essentials - name of guest, venue, date, time, rsvp details - you can't really go wrong. See more samples of 30th birthday invitation wording

From Michaels Graveyard invite below

The Afterlife
The party to end all parties
Michaels 30th Birthday
At the Philharmonic, St Mary's St, Cardiff
Saturday 30th October
8pm - late
Join Us

30th invitation tutorials and

See some of the homemade invitation examples that our readers have made for their BIG 30. If you like what you see then click on the invitation to see more details about how it was made and the products that were used.

30th birthday invitation

Gravestone invitation

Paper craft invitation

How to Make 30th Birthday Invitations
Bollywood theme


Animal Print Invitations
Animal Print Invitations

Zebra Print Invitation

Custom printable 30th birthday invitations


The Graveyard Invitation

This very cool 30th invitation was made by Michael. I don't know exactly what program it is that he used but it is likely to be Photoshop or something similar. This is some very talented work that's for sure!  I will try to squeeze out some more details from him about how he made this invite...

It was so long ago (showing my age now) when I made this invite that I really couldn't tell you what font that is that I used. I'm thinking it might just be an ordinary serif one, but with some shadow effect on it. It's been so long since I used Photoshop!
The rest of it: tombstone, grass and sky are all stock images pasted poorly together and lots of inexpert clone stamping. I wanted it to look surreal so didn't worry too much about the light being wrong. The sky had a purple filter applied to it - we don't get skies like that in Cardiff!

Handmade by Michael Gilby,
Cardiff, UK

30th birthday invitation ideas and examples

Jim's 30th Birthday Invitations

A 5x5" invitation made for hubby's 30th Birthday bash.


How to make this invitation:

Created by Kadee Morrison
San Diego, CA

30th invitation card
Turning 30

Customized printable invitation

If you don't want to make your own invitations but still want something that has been personalized for your 30th extravaganza then you can order one of our Flirty 30 Zebra print invitation designs that you can print from the comfort of your own home. You can also print them off at your local photo shop for around 9c each.

We will personalize your invitation with a photo and your party wording.  Any of the colors can be amended and we also have other animal prints including a tiger, loepard and cheetah print designs.

zebra print invitation
Zebra Print Invitations