Big Top Carnival Invitations Tutorial

circus invitationsRoll up, roll up and make these very cute Big top Carnival invitations that we have designed especially for our readers.

The invite features a Circus big top tent with a lion and elephant performing tricks in front of it. The party details are cleverly tucked away and you pull out the roof of the tent to reveal them.

All you will need is a computer and printer to print out the free invitation template, and a craft knife. No glue or adhesives neccessary. Great... no mess!

The assembled invitation measures 5.5"x4.25" and will fit into an A2 sized envelope.

Supplies for carnival invitation

Step one

Print off the Circus invitation template on to firm white card stock or construction card.

big top carnival party invitation
Step two

The template is made up of two parts. With your scissors, cut out the body of the invitation and then cut out the invitation insert. Be carefull to cut as close to the outside lines as you can.

big top carnival party invitation template supplies
Step three

Take the body of the invitation and make a cut along the bottom trim from the top part of the tent with a craft or stanley knife. Start cutting from the left hand side wall where it meets the tent roof and finish on the rhs where the wall meets the roof top again.

The cutting path is clearly marked in green in this diagram.

Do not extend the cut beyond the tent walls.


circus invitation cut
Step four

Fill in the party invitation insert with the date, time, place and rsvp deatails.

Carefully slip the insert into the body of the invitation. slid it all the way down until it can't go any further and the tent top lines up with the image below it.

circus invitations
The completed invitation circus party invitation assembled

There you have it. A carnival invitation to set the tone for an awesome circus or carnival party. These invitations can be used for any celebration like a baby shower, birthday or a fun get together with a group of friends or family.